Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Brittany Murphy Story 2014 Torrent

The Brittany Murphy Story 2014 torrent
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Year: 2014
Genre: Drama
Director: Joe Menendez
Stars: Amanda Fuller, Sherilyn Fenn, Chloë Crampton

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Review: Theyve got to be kidding with this actress playing Brittany! She looks NOTHING like her, shes too big and heavy, her face is chubby, her hair is all wrong, her voice - its just ridiculous! Of all the actors that might have been chosen, why her? Poor Brittany... she would have been so disappointed. Id just like to know how they got funding for this movie with that girl in the lead role! Brittany was sparkly, funny and bubbly... not to mention her gorgeous looks. This girl sounded like she had a sinus condition, her face was too round and pudgy and she was talking in that hoarse voice trying to emulate someone with whom she had ZERO resemblance. I didnt think anything could be worse than Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor... but, boy, was I wrong! It was just plain laughable when this so-called actress as Brittany in the film was told that shes young and beautiful! She should be embarrassed by this casting decision and her awful performance! I saw her in an interview before the airing of the movie justifying her role, even though she was already aware of the disgust people felt about it.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Palo Alto 2013 (English) [by Temnij1] Torrent

Palo Alto 2013 torrent
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Year: 2013
Genre: Drama
Director: Gia Coppola
Stars: Emma Roberts, James Franco, Jack Kilmer

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Review: Try not to hang around Fred.Im not sure what attracted me to Gia Coppolas directorial debut, Palo Alto, but I do know that 10 minutes into it I was already regretting my decision. Gia is trying to accomplish something similar to what her aunt Sofia did with Lost in Translation and Somewhere. In Palo Alto we also are introduced to the boring lives of the rich although instead of focusing on successful actors this time the focus is on High School teenagers trying to find their purpose in life. Not that Im not interested in these explorations, because I really enjoyed Lost in Translation, but I just didnt find any of these characters interesting. The entire story seemed pointless kind of like the lives of these characters which was probably the whole point of the movie, but it simply bored and disengaged me completely. I felt like Gia was desperately trying to tell us something through the beautiful cinematography and soulless characters which were portrayed rather authentically, but it just didnt mean anything to me. I couldnt help but feel that I had seen Emma Roberts play a similar character in the past in films which I actually enjoyed more (Its Kind of a Funny Story and The Art of Getting By came to mind). Perhaps I wasnt the intended target audience, but its hard for me to picture who they really were. I have heard some positive comments about how authentic these characters were and how well the teenagers captured that similar atmosphere they went through in High School, but it really didnt connect with me. The film seems to suffer from a slow pacing and an uneven story considering it struggles to balance the different story lines that the main characters are dealing with. I do have to give this film credit for not falling into the familiar conventions of the teenage romantic genre, but I also felt the lack of a heavier and more dramatic storyline hurt this film because it didnt seem to go anywhere at times.Francis Ford Coppolas granddaughter, Gia, has impressed critics with her debut film, and there are several similarities with her aunt Sofias work (which are explored through the similar cinematography and indie soundtrack). Gia not only directed this film, but she also adapted the screenplay based on James Francos short stories so her dedication to this film was complete. The performances were also pretty strong and as I mentioned before these characters felt authentic and believable. They fight their boredom by searching for love, getting high or drunk, and partying all the time. I didnt really have a problem with the performances, but what really hurt this film was the uneven story and the lack of a tighter narrative. Many scenes felt forced and the story didnt seem to go anywhere at times. There were a lot of things that just never led anywhere. I really enjoyed Jack Kilmers performance as Teddy, the kind teen who has a crush on April (Emma Roberts) but is too shy to express his feelings. He also seems to hang around the wrong crowd. Nat Wolff plays Fred, the self destructive teenager who is always getting his friend Teddy into trouble. Fred also has a destructive relationship with Emily (Zoe Levin) who he simply uses when he feels like it and pushes her away when not. April is also shy and torn between what she feels for Teddy and her soccer coach (played by James Franco) whose son she babysits during her free time. Franco plays himself really, but Emma Roberts has received most praise for her role. However for me the stand out was Val Kilmers son Jack, who really proved to have depth and charisma. The performances are earnest and authentic, but the story simply doesnt go anywhere and feels incomplete. It was hard to sympathize with these shallow and overprivileged kids as well, and I havent even mentioned the lack of a respectable adult figure in the entire film.

The Judge 2014 [Eng] [XViD-ETRG]

The Judge 2014 torrent
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Year: 2014
Genre: Drama
Director: David Dobkin
Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga

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Review: I was able to see this before the October release and although I read some of the reviews that were released recently I started to have some reservations however, I have disagreed with some critics in the past and figured Id make up my own mind about this film. Gratefully I did not have to worry because it was time well spent. The performances were excellent and it was witty as well and engaging. When looking at the posters (without giving much away) I got the impression that this film looks like something out of a John Grisham novel or an episode of Law and Order, and while there is the trial going on, the movie is more of a focus of this mans (Downey) relationship with his father (Duvall), his family, his unresolved issues with his present life and the life he left behind. Downey and Duvall dont disappoint as well as the ensemble cast. If youre looking for a movie with heart, engaging performances and not a courtroom drama, this is definitely the right film.

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The Giver 2014 [English] [DVDScr] Torrent

The Giver 2014 torrent
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Year: 2014
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi
Director: Phillip Noyce
Stars: Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep

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Review: Everyone is judging this movie based on its accuracy to the book, which is understandable. I re-read the book 2 days ago, so it would be fresh in my head before viewing the movie for the first time. I absolutely love the book, and I had heard varying opinions about the movie (mostly negative), but I wanted to watch it with an open mind and present my own opinion. I must say: this movie is simply amazing. Firstly, the acting is top-notch: Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges were perfect of course, but Brenton Thwaites and Odeya Rush also brought depth to their characters. I loved seeing Taylor Swift make an appearance in the film, and she gave life to a character who was only mentioned in the book. Katie Holmes and Alexander Skarsgård showed flawless acting in their supporting roles as well. The movie excelled in more than just its acting. There were so many powerful chilling moments, particularly with the portrayal of the memories. The contrast of the sensory-rich memories of the past with the colorless and boring Utopian community is what brought real depth to the film. My favorite aspect was the slow transition from black-and-white to vivid colors. My only true complaint about the movie is that it was too short. I didnt want it to end. As far as staying true to the book, there were minor changes, such as the ages of the characters and the career assignments, but these made sense. People must understand that when a book is adapted on screen, there are certain things that must change for viewing continuity purposes. I will say that, as always, the characterization was better in the book, and I was able to form a connection with the characters quicker with a written description. The movie jumped right into the plot, which was good for the pacing of the story, but this meant it took longer to really understand the characters. Having already read the book, this was not a problem for me. The overall themes and concepts (such as sameness, colors, emotion, and love), were portrayed ingeniously throughout the movie. As much as I love the amazing use of imagery in the book, being able to actually visualize the transition from a dull community to a vivid, colorful world was breathtaking. Also, without giving spoilers, the movie gives explanations to concepts in the book, especially with the memory boundary that separates the society from Elsewhere. The movie doesnt stray from the book, it just provides more clarity. Finally, I loved the ending of the movie. It gives more closure, and was even more satisfying than the book was. My overall conclusion is that this movie serves as an excellent counterpart to the book. The detailed characterization of the book and the sensory stimulating scenes in the film complement each other nicely to make one cohesive, stunning, and powerful story.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Dallas Buyers Club 2013 English Torrent

Dallas Buyers Club 2013 torrent
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Year: 2013
Genre: Biography, Drama
Director: Jean-Marc Vallée
Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Jared Leto

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Review: After watching this film, Ive run out of glowing superlatives to describe it. First of all, a word on Matthew McConaughey. Ive always thought of him as a relative lightweight in the film world, the sexy leading man best designed for selling tickets and little else. I am happy to report that I was mistaken. Sadly, horribly mistaken. From the very first frame of this amazing movie, I was so amazed at his physical transformation that it took a half an hour just to adjust my eyes to the frail creature I saw before me. But it was real, just as his stellar performance both illuminated the way I look at the entire AIDS epidemic and the toll it takes on humanity, both gay and straight. This film happily avoided all previous clichés and typical treatments of the subject matter, transcending every other film I have seen regarding HIV/AIDS. For so long I have decried the serious lack of great film for ADULTS, with seemingly everything out today designed for pre-pubescent teenaged boys interesting in nothing more than mindless video games and moronic super hero sequels. As with many memorable independent films, this gem was elevated to heroic status with the incredible acting of McConaughey, in concert with the amazing Jaret Leto, providing the perfect foil to his perfect, character-driven role. Every, single reason for going to the movies is present in the glorious truth and humanity of this landmark effort, a must-see for anyone seeking superior acting in profusion. If theres a God in heaven, Matthew and Jaret should both win the Academy Awards for Best Performance by a Leading Man, and Best Supporting Actor. Each actor went far beyond mere acting in this film, becoming so entirely immersed into character that they stopped acting and just BECAME. Dont miss this important and moving film.

Divergent 2014 (English) Torrent

Divergent 2014 torrent
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Year: 2014
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Director: Neil Burger
Stars: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Kate Winslet

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Review: I went to see this movie misled by the high rating on IMDb. Unfortunately it looks like Hollywood makes movies for people with short memory. I admit I havent read the source book, but I guess I wouldnt, judging by what came out of it. I hereby venture myself in saying that the book is also a bad SciFi novel. It has way to obvious imports from well known themes that have been exploited to the brim by today (like the perfect society that sacrifices diversity for peace, the different guy that stands-up to the system, the genuine technology that controls individuals (poorly described, by the way), the fear confrontation ad the list could go on and on. It is not essentially bad to bring these themes in a movie, but I see nothing new, original here. So... if you have seen Equilibrum and the Hunger Games then you know it all. Movies today are just mobile phones... keep reproducing features from the competition, while it is supposed to be an art. Another thing cant stand in movies in general is the poor IT incursions. I am talking about the scene in which Jeanine is asked to turn off the control system which consists of a huge touch screen in which she just hits some cancel button. That was really pathetic... Anyone could have done that right? Another thing that I cant stand, is the cheap psychology things in these movies. They are all based on some sort of psychoanalysis which is long time deprecated in therapy. But it is somehow considered to be cool and trendy by producers to insert these kind of flavour into the movies to make it more profound. Or are they just as stupid and ignorants as the target viewers? Anyhow... to me, this is bad taste in art. If you want to really go for it, you must do way better that that and if you cant, then at least make it more interesting. It is also true that movies like Inception dont occur every month, but once they do... they set a trend and everybody will just take a byte of it. Dont get me wrong, it is a watchable movie, perhaps a little too long for its story, which, by the way, is very predictable and full of clichés. I read some users claiming it resembles The Hunger Games and so it is, especially with the modest ending that awkwardly announces a sequel. I could predict how the story developed and ended after the first 15 minutes and thats what makes this movie mediocre. Script is mediocre, but at least it does not abounds in stereotypes so its bearable. What can be said about acting... there is no acting in this kind of movies, you only need to be young and good looking, be able to learn your part and youre done. Its not that the actors are bad, but the movie itself is not based on any acting mastery and just because of that, the girl gets a plus for making something out of it. I am curious if the ratings will stay as high as now in time.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

22 Jump Street 2014 English Torrent

22 Jump Street 2014 torrent
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Year: 2014
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Director: Phil Lord
Stars: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Ice Cube

Torrent Download

Review: I mean seriously. This used to be a respected site that gave people who didnt know much films insight into the greatest films and audience ratings for every film theyve ever watched. 8.0. Dammit IMDb users. This film is categorized as comedy, so I pessimistically expected a few laughs. I got 4. Two were for slapstick comedy, one was at Ice Cubes death stare, and the final laugh I had was at the end credits (Not because they were funny, but because the entire audience was utterly silent at the forced humour). I wasnt alone, in the theatre it was mostly silent, as we googled the bloody IMDb page to check if it was a comedy. Small British audience Ill give you that, and pretty strange considering how everyone (Americans) laughed their ass of at this movie. The opening sequence chase had me in awe of how bad it was. Before you type an angry reply saying You just dont get the humour or It doesnt suit everybody. I understand. This is just my view, it may not be right, I may get proved wrong, but here is my case and the overwhelming evidence to prove why. The repetitive cinematography, the forced homoerotic jokes (as if the movie sends out a strong message on the subject), the pop-culture based soundtrack choices and the making fun of ourselves tries so hard to be clever it ruins the movie. Although these factors ruin the movie like a crooked candle ruins a pound-land birthday cake. I feel like I can envisage Jonah Hill and Michael Bacall (One of the screenplay writers) sitting down and saying stupid ideas and Jonah going Hah! That would be so funny! after every one. I like Jonah, he is a good actor, and Channing is trying so hard to impress I cant fault him for what his character is tasked to do. But here it comes, the problem that made me cringe, the audience look at each other and say Oh god, the one person in my theatre walk out (probably the reason), The Dialogue. Oh my goodness. How did this film make it past the producing companies with this damn dialogue. The film tries to make itself clever, it does little references that try and make it a film that is funny, but still smart. Like that budget gag, or the Gringo Pendejos. The prodigious awkwardness between Jonah (Im not going to say the character names due to the fact I lost 8 quid on this movie) and the bland bland bland spouse of his (we get it, Jonahs character isnt as good with girls as Channing, but due to his doughy lovable personality, he gets the girl! Wow!), had me contemplating walking out. The other girl, Jillain Bell brought a lot more, but not enough to make any noticeable difference. Channing Tatums bro language with his buddy, was just horrific. It was a train wreck. Something I imagine Americans found funny. Like the whole American college is a non-stop drug fuelled orgy theme that it embraced shamelessly. Oh, and the token drug trip that had such potential, but it was just painful to watch. This movie says in full view, Its the same as before! Oh wait, it isnt! Hah!, and I wouldnt mind. Thats right. I would not care. Its another film of the Project X genre, of America high-fiving itself. But its just another right? Well thats what I thought, but then I see so many people saying how damn amazing it is, I saw a thread (highly sophisticated reviewing and analysing may I add) that went like this, They (*Probably the two main characters who are liked so much people cant see them do wrong) were awesome! *spoiler* when I saw seth rogen I DIED! and when Jonah Hill was acting like nothing changed! lol! Seeing Seth Rogen isnt funny. I like his movies, but he didnt do anything funny. Its immature humour that is carelessly littered and licked up by Americans (sorry for repeating myself, but who else could like this so much to give it an 8.0?) If someone thinks differently, please give me your best shot. Because it is an insult to rate this film so highly if I am really seeing it as it is. Did I miss the humour? Was Jonah Hill doing a Mexican accent funny? W...

Nightcrawler 2014 (eliot33) Torrent

Nightcrawler 2014 torrent
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Year: 2014
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Dan Gilroy
Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Bill Paxton

Torrent Download

Review: This movie was both fun and terrifying. Jake Gyllenhaals performance as Lou Bloom will certainly frighten you. He is brilliant when paired with the amazing monologue style rants written for him.Lou Bloom is a driven man reminiscent of a sociopath who finds he has a talent as nightcrawling in that he takes videos of true crimes as they are happening to be broadcast on the news. His motivation and seeming lack of empathy allow him to break through and take the controversial images, and sell them with a strong aptitude for negotiation.As a character, he grows more and more motivated and seems to learn his business in such a way to bring him amazing success, but to the determinant, perhaps, of his assistant and the victims of these crimes.The writer/ director of this movie (making his directorial debut) certainly understands fear and comedy. The simplest scene was made into a laugh by the angles and cuts.Its funny, and enjoyable, but still terrifying enough to feel like a real horror thriller.

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